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Eric Au, RFP

Mr. Eric Y.K. Au, RFP (Ou Ren-Jie in Chinese), was appointed an RFPI Director in 2004, with authorization to represent RFPI in Greater China through an alliance between RFPI InternationalRFPI Asia Operations and China Development Center (RFPI China Center), and Sunlord China Holdings.

Serving as the Chief Executive Officer of the RFPI China Center, Mr. Aupresides over offices in Shanghai, Hong Kong, and major cities in mainland China.

The RFPI China Center provides RFPI series education and certification in the Greater China Region. It has been fully recognized and endorsed by the RFPI International Headquarters to set up an RFPI Chinese unified standards, to conduct RFPI series courses and examinations, and to approve or compile RFPI Chinese localized textbooks and study materials.

Educated in China and Canada, Mr. Au previously worked for the Shanghai governmental departments before embarking on a long career as a consultant in the China business markets, earning multiple international prestigious designations in the financial field. He now lives and does business in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Canada.

Please visit the Chinese Official Website to learn more about the RFPI China Center.

Any inquires or comments regarding RFPI in Greater China can be directed to Mr. Au or RFPI.