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Code of Ethics

View Chinese Translation (操守准则)

> A RFP will only financial plan in their field of expertise and maintain the interest of the client first.

> A RFP should maintain competency of practice by continuous education, training, study and expertise.

> A RFP is discouraged from making any misleading, false or unwarranted statements to a client or prospective client.

> A RFP establishes personal responsibility for knowledge of the laws and regulations of the field in which their work for remunerations is involved.

> A RFP will not accept and complete a financial planning assignment without having acquired the knowledge to complete such assignments competently, unless the planner is associated with such person who has knowledge, or discloses the lack of knowledge to the client prior to accepting the assignment.

> A RFP must disclose to the client the possibility of receiving compensation from sources other than the client if work is being performed on a fee basis, and the client acts upon your recommendation.

> A RFP should report anyone who represents themselves as a member of the Institute fraudulently.

> A RFP must not discriminate between race, creed or color for prospective client desiring the services of a member.

> A RFP shall comply with any other code of ethics or laws as set forth by their particular state and profession.